Beltane Fire Society Photo Archive

Photographs of Beltane Fire Society events and activities taken by Photopoint volunteers. The individual photographers retain full copyright of all images, licensing them to BFS for display and use.

If you wish to request permission to use any of these images in a publication, physical or digital, please contact us via with details of your intended use. Thanks!

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  • Martin McCarthy20160427204756009
    Martin McCarthy20160427204756009
  • Martin McCarthy20160427204659008
    Martin McCarthy20160427204659008
  • Martin McCarthy20160427204552007
    Martin McCarthy20160427204552007
  • Martin McCarthy20160427204423006
    Martin McCarthy20160427204423006
  • Martin McCarthy20160415183404006
    Martin McCarthy20160415183404006
  • Martin McCarthy20160415183303005
    Martin McCarthy20160415183303005
  • Martin McCarthy20160415183227004
    Martin McCarthy20160415183227004
  • Martin McCarthy20160415183208003
    Martin McCarthy20160415183208003
  • Martin McCarthy20160415183144002
    Martin McCarthy20160415183144002
  • Martin McCarthy20160415183131001
    Martin McCarthy20160415183131001
  • 20160414204335016Neil Barton
    20160414204335016Neil Barton
  • 20160414204207015Neil Barton
    20160414204207015Neil Barton
  • 20160414203343012Neil Barton
    20160414203343012Neil Barton
  • 20160414203241010Neil Barton
    20160414203241010Neil Barton
  • BartlomiejPyrz20160313154004005
  • BartlomiejPyrz20160313153949004
  • 20160313152253Martin McCarthy012
    20160313152253Martin McCarthy012
  • 20160313151906Martin McCarthy011
    20160313151906Martin McCarthy011
  • 20160313151604Martin McCarthy010
    20160313151604Martin McCarthy010
  • 20160313151331Martin McCarthy009
    20160313151331Martin McCarthy009
  • 20160313151000Martin McCarthy008
    20160313151000Martin McCarthy008
  • 20160313150703Martin McCarthy007
    20160313150703Martin McCarthy007
  • 20160313150418Martin McCarthy006
    20160313150418Martin McCarthy006
  • 20160313150107Martin McCarthy005
    20160313150107Martin McCarthy005
  • 20160313145823Martin McCarthy004
    20160313145823Martin McCarthy004
  • 20160313145751007 Pascal van der Meiden
    20160313145751007 Pascal van der Meiden
  • 20160313145540Martin McCarthy003
    20160313145540Martin McCarthy003
  • 20160313145317012Neil Barton
    20160313145317012Neil Barton
  • 20160313145030Martin McCarthy002
    20160313145030Martin McCarthy002
  • 20160313144341Martin McCarthy001
    20160313144341Martin McCarthy001
  • Dan Mosley The Whites 20160313 4
    Dan Mosley The Whites 20160313 4
  • AsierGoikoetxea201603131430020005
  • Dan Mosley The Whites 20160313 1
    Dan Mosley The Whites 20160313 1
  • 20160313142237Martin McCarthy009
    20160313142237Martin McCarthy009