Beltane Fire Society Photo Archive

Photographs of Beltane Fire Society events and activities taken by Photopoint volunteers. The individual photographers retain full copyright of all images, licensing them to BFS for display and use.

If you wish to request permission to use any of these images in a publication, physical or digital, please contact us via with details of your intended use. Thanks!

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  • 2011-04-30T23-46-17.380 (C) Matt
    2011-04-30T23-46-17.380 (C) Matt
  • 2011-04-30T21-16-21.360 (C) Matt
    2011-04-30T21-16-21.360 (C) Matt
  • 2011-04-30T21-04-02.000 No Point
    2011-04-30T21-04-02.000 No Point
  • 2011-04-30T20-38-47.000 Matt Dale
    2011-04-30T20-38-47.000 Matt Dale
  • 2011-04-30T19-32-58.000 The Tech
    2011-04-30T19-32-58.000 The Tech
  • 2011-04-30T19-09-29.000 The Torchies
    2011-04-30T19-09-29.000 The Torchies
  • 2011-04-30T18-48-23.000 The Stewards
    2011-04-30T18-48-23.000 The Stewards
  • 2011-04-30T15-02-23.620 (C) Matt
    2011-04-30T15-02-23.620 (C) Matt
  • 2011-04-30T12-49-18.030 (C) Matt
    2011-04-30T12-49-18.030 (C) Matt
  • 2011-04-27T22-51-38.930 (C) Matt
    2011-04-27T22-51-38.930 (C) Matt
  • 2011-04-27T20-04-47.950 Fire Point
    2011-04-27T20-04-47.950 Fire Point
  • 2011-04-27T20-03-48.670 Danny Williams
    2011-04-27T20-03-48.670 Danny Williams
  • 2011-04-27T20-02-49.000 Fire Point
    2011-04-27T20-02-49.000 Fire Point
  • 2011-04-24T17-07-50.820 Danny Williams
    2011-04-24T17-07-50.820 Danny Williams
  • 2011-04-24T16-57-19.680 (C) Matt
    2011-04-24T16-57-19.680 (C) Matt
  • 2011-04-21T05-40-37.000 The Reds
    2011-04-21T05-40-37.000 The Reds
  • 2011-04-17T17-25-55.000 May Queen
    2011-04-17T17-25-55.000 May Queen
  • 2011-04-17T17-19-46.010 (C) Matt
    2011-04-17T17-19-46.010 (C) Matt
  • 2011-04-17T17-13-55.000 (C) Matt
    2011-04-17T17-13-55.000 (C) Matt
  • 2011-04-17T16-51-32.330 (C) Matt
    2011-04-17T16-51-32.330 (C) Matt
  • 2011-04-17T14-54-37.010 (C) Matt
    2011-04-17T14-54-37.010 (C) Matt
  • 2011-05-04T23-45-30.000 The Storytellers
    2011-05-04T23-45-30.000 The Storytellers
  • 2011-05-08T11-19-21.000 Beltane 2011
    2011-05-08T11-19-21.000 Beltane 2011