Beltane Fire Society Photo Archive

Photographs of Beltane Fire Society events and activities taken by Photopoint volunteers. The individual photographers retain full copyright of all images, licensing them to BFS for display and use.

If you wish to request permission to use any of these images in a publication, physical or digital, please contact us via with details of your intended use. Thanks!

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  • 20191026143808048Vince Graham
    20191026143808048Vince Graham
  • 20191026143637048Gordon Veitch
    20191026143637048Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026143419045Vince Graham
    20191026143419045Vince Graham
  • 20191026140835040Vince Graham
    20191026140835040Vince Graham
  • 20191026135958035Vince Graham
    20191026135958035Vince Graham
  • 20191026135913034Vince Graham
    20191026135913034Vince Graham
  • 20191026135459041Gordon Veitch
    20191026135459041Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026135402032Vince Graham
    20191026135402032Vince Graham
  • 20191026135311031Vince Graham
    20191026135311031Vince Graham
  • 20191026135213037Gordon Veitch
    20191026135213037Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026134941030Vince Graham
    20191026134941030Vince Graham
  • 20191026134812035Gordon Veitch
    20191026134812035Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026134110026Vince Graham
    20191026134110026Vince Graham
  • 20191026133612030Gordon Veitch
    20191026133612030Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026132401025Vince Graham
    20191026132401025Vince Graham
  • 20191026132130023Vince Graham
    20191026132130023Vince Graham
  • 20191026132128029Gordon Veitch
    20191026132128029Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026131716028Gordon Veitch
    20191026131716028Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026131648027Gordon Veitch
    20191026131648027Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026131232018Vince Graham
    20191026131232018Vince Graham
  • 20191026130702019Gordon Veitch
    20191026130702019Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026130625018Gordon Veitch
    20191026130625018Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026125804017Vince Graham
    20191026125804017Vince Graham
  • 20191026125618015Gordon Veitch
    20191026125618015Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026125605014Gordon Veitch
    20191026125605014Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026125523013Gordon Veitch
    20191026125523013Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026125156013Vince Graham
    20191026125156013Vince Graham
  • 20191026124339009Gordon Veitch
    20191026124339009Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026123502007Gordon Veitch
    20191026123502007Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026121626004Gordon Veitch
    20191026121626004Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026121543003Gordon Veitch
    20191026121543003Gordon Veitch
  • 20191026121352001Vince Graham
    20191026121352001Vince Graham